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Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Selective Seconds (Greenwood, Indiana)

Pretty Preggie at Selective Seconds... The Pride of the Southside!

Selective Seconds, 1140 N. State Road 135, Greenwood, IN  46142

Store hours:  Sun-Mon 12-5 and Tues-Sat 10-7

Phone:  317-888-2300


Each rack is a constant reminder of this store’s respect for its customers’ time, style, wisdom and money.

There are some consignment stores that look as if they’ve come together without a mission.  Not this one. Welcome to the pride of the southside! 

Sights: Selective Seconds – with its glam and charm and friendly demeanor – is a well-tailored machine.  You are greeted with smiles and niceties on the way in; not bothered by needless small talk while you shop; and given lots of love from the women who run the register.  Selective Seconds sales staff also knows how to cut through the fat and offer only the best of what consignors bring in.  Each rack is a constant reminder of this store’s respect for its customers’ time, style, wisdom and money.  Everything I picked up was stain-free, rip-free and fairly priced. Surely, there’s truth and pride behind the name Selective Seconds.

Sizes:XS thru 3X

I loved this hat, but left it at Selective Seconds. It was $13 - too much for the Secondhand Pretty Preggie budget.

What’s in it for Pretty Preggies:  There is no maternity rack here, but I still walked out a winner! I purchased three non-maternity pieces I LOVE – and I can wear them right now!  A bright orange top by Evan Piccone ($8); blue and white butterfly sleeved top by Bleu ($10); and a turquoise and white dress by INC International Concepts ($10).

There is no maternity rack there, but I still walked out a winner! Love this non-preggie butterfly sleeved top by Bleu for just $8. Wore it to work Tuesday and got loads of compliments!

Sounds:  Light rock or jazz – depending on who’s working.

Smells:  You know the smell of fresh paint or a new car?  Thanks to a recent renovation, Selective Seconds has a nice, fresh just-like-new aroma. 

Labels sold here:St. John, Jilsander, Chloe, Armani, Gucci, AKRIS, Eileen Fisher, Rene Lange, Sundance, Anthropology, Garnet Hill, Chicos, White House/Black Market, Ann Taylor, J. Crew,  Tahari, Coldwater Creek and more. 

Some of the labels on Selective's designer rack include: Armani, Gucci and AKRIS.

Price Ranges:  Suits – from $18.95 to $35.95.  Dress pants – $9.95 – $20.95.  Shoes and boots – $12.95 to $55.95.  Prices are reduced once a month.  The first reduce is 20%, then 50%.  There are also racks in the front of the store featuring clothing that’s 75% off! 

Helpful hints: There are semi-annual clearance sales at the end of every season, followed by a “Bag Sale.”  During the Bag Sale, shoppers are allowed to stuff as much into a bag as possible – for a chosen price – as long as they can hold on to it with one hand..  One more thing:  They don’t sale fake designer purses and can smell and spot a fake from a mile away! 

Consignment rules:  Walk-in consignments are accepted Tuesday through Thursday from 10am – 6pm.  25 items per person.  Items are consigned for 60 days.  40-60% paid back to consignors.  Check the website for more details. 

Selective Seconds sells both "Women" and "Junior" clothing.

Upcoming events:  Grand Re-opening September 30. 

Don't miss the shoe display!

What makes Selective Seconds so special:   It’s been around for 14 years – in Greenwood for eight years.  It has an extra friendly staff.  I worked with Pat and Lacey. 

Selective Seconds also has plenty of purses -- including designer brands like Gucci and Coach.

What you must know when you shop here:  They have layaway.  They Have Layaway!  THEY HAVE LAYAWAY!  Love it!


About deshongperry

I'm a pregnant wife, mom of two, and an award-winning TV news producer. I love showing friends and family how to dress on a budget. This time I'm doing it from a second hand perspective. This blog gives Pretty Preggies the style tips they need to look fabulous and not fat.. beautiful and not bloated.. stunning and not stunted through out their last trimester of pregnancy. Follow my glow -- as I continue to grow - wearing threads that cost less than $10 an outfit!

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  1. I think I might check them out!

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  3. Tamberla Perry-Douglas

    Man that red hat was cute. Go back pretty preggie and get it for me!


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