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Pretty Preggie Spotlight: In Vogue Consignment Boutique (Carmel)

Who’s pregnant? This top cost me under $5 at In Vogue Consignment (Carmel).

In Vogue Consignment Boutique, 11546 Westfield Blvd., Carmel, IN  46032
Store hours:  Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun Noon-5pm
Phone:  317-580-0058

Kim shows me the markdown color for week. She started working at In Vogue three years ago after falling on tough times.

Meet Kim.  Three years ago, she was in a tight spot.  She had just lost her job and had no prospects for another one.  Her need for retail therapy led her through the doors of In Vogue Consignment.  There, she fell in love with a beautiful high-end velvet dress, but couldn’t afford the price tag.  In Vogue’s owner, Roxanne Pariott, could see how much Kim loved it.  She also saw something else in Kim that implored her to offer the kindest of words.  “Come work for me one weekend, and that dress is yours,” she said.  That was three years ago, and Kim has never looked back.  The same hospitable warmth Kim felt that day, is exactly what she gave back to my girls and I when we shopped at In Vogue this weekend.  And – she was not the only one!

 Sights:  In Vogue Consignment is very easy to navigate if you know your price range.  From the front door, look to the right – for a mid-size section full of discounted clothing.  Look to the left for the newer items that aren’t yet on sale. 

In Vogue boasts 2,500 consigners. Three-hundred of them are high end!

And if you have designer taste, and you’re willing to splurge a bit – head straight toward the back left side of the store – where you’ll find enough high end suits, dresses, shoes and coats to make your wallet ask for CPR.  In Vogue Consignment surely benefits from its Carmel zip code.  You’ll find all the ooh ahh labels from Saks and Nordstrom – for a fraction of the costs.  This place boasts 2,500 consigners.  Three-hundred of them are high end!

Labels:  St. John, Misook, Armani, Doncaster, Juliana, Escada, Anne Klein, Marc Jacobs, Badgley Mischka, AT Loft, Banana Republic, Chicos, J.Jill, BCBG, BEBE, COACH, DKNY, Victoria Secret, Orvis, Talbots, J.Crew, Eddie Bauer, Abercrombie & Fitch, Chanel, Anthropology – and many more! 

What’s in it for Pretty Preggies?:  No maternity section, but there’s plenty of potential here.  I found several stretchy tops and dresses that could pass the big belly test.  Hey – if they fit my bump (which is actually more like a BAM! right now), they’ll fit any belly.  I purchased three tops and a purse for $17!

Sizes:   From XXS to 3X.  They also sell larger junior sizes.

Sounds:  SiriusXM Coffee House channel – Artists you’ll hear:  Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Tracy Chapman, David Gray, Norah Jones, Ray Lamontagne, Shawn Colvin, Jason Mraz, Indigo Girls, etc.  On the soon-to-be opened furniture consignment side, you’ll hear relaxing classical music.

Price ranges:  Suits – $1 if you’re lucky to $200 – if not high end;  Dress pants – $1 to $60 for Armani; Dresses – $1 to $2200 for Zang Toi, Hugo Boss $225, Whitehouse/Black market $60; Shoes and boots – $1 to Stella Mcartney shoes for $400, Prada for $200, Cole Haan  for $120, Chanel boots for $330. 

Chanel bags: $2000 to $2500

Chanel bags:  $2000 to $2500 – They are the real deal too!

How often are prices reduced?:  Reductions made via ticket color system, expect prices to go down every 10-15 days.  Some prices are down as low as $1 – if they’ve been on the floor long enough.

Consignment terms:  60 days 60/40 split.  Call for an appointment.

 Why this place is great for moms:  (1) It has a LAYAWAY PLAN – 20% down for 60 days

The small section for children. It works!My bossy toddler plays with a toy as I shop.

(2)  There’s a small play area with toys and dolls for kids – it kept my 16-month old distracted as I shopped, (3) The staff knows the store so well that if you tell them what you want – including your price range – they’ll magically appear with several choices in hand, (4)  They also open their doors to shoppers who want to throw private consignment shopping parties!  Not a bad idea.

 Why I love this place:  Kayleigh, the sales girl!  She has an eye for style.  She was patient with my bossy toddler – even making sure she had a strawberry wafer to nibble on while I shopped.  And when I was frustrated about not seeing anything that fit my big ole belly, she went on a shopping mission and found me three fabulous fits and a purse for under $17! 

I love this sales girl! She has an eye for style and found me three fabulous fits and a purse for under $17!

Kayleigh is a super smart Ball State student studying something related to being green and natural resources.  Great cause, but in my book, she needs to be somebody’s diplomat!  She has all the makings of a humanitarian peacekeeper.  You’ll see her when you walk in.  She’ll call you “Honey.”  She is the BOMB DOT COM!

Happy shopping!

DeShong Perry-Smitherman

The Secondhand Pretty Preggie


About deshongperry

I'm a pregnant wife, mom of two, and an award-winning TV news producer. I love showing friends and family how to dress on a budget. This time I'm doing it from a second hand perspective. This blog gives Pretty Preggies the style tips they need to look fabulous and not fat.. beautiful and not bloated.. stunning and not stunted through out their last trimester of pregnancy. Follow my glow -- as I continue to grow - wearing threads that cost less than $10 an outfit!

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  1. Hey Cousin!
    Could you not get any bigger!LOL- Girl you look like you are about to drop any day. I honestly don’t think you can go until November. You need to rethink that one. And get Aisha Kia off your hip! Time for her to be a big sister. You look great. Tell everyone hello. Oh, great story. I am looking at some flights to come that way so I can get my shop on. I guess thrift stores run in our blood. LOL- Love you girl-Erica


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