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Help! I just realized I’m having a baby!

Everyone at work jokes that I look like I could deliver TODAY! (Jeez, am I that big?!). I’ve promised, my baby will NOT be delivered in a TV newsroom.

Too much to do.  So little time.  My little lovenote will be here in less than a month, and I admit… I am not ready.  The baby’s bassinet is still in our garage.  We have just one box of diapers in the nursery. 

Does that vertical stripe make me look skinny? (Got this Henri Bendel sweater dress from a Chicago-area Goodwill store. It was less than $8.)

Gotta get more Onezies and booties and bottles – and, it just hit me… I AM 36 WEEKS PREGNANT AND DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M HAVING!  What was I thinking?  As I type this entry, my tiny trooper is giving me several swift kicks to the uterus as if to say, ‘yeah Pretty Preggie – you need to get on it!’

Time to stop, reset and get it together. 

Just a few items I'll need at the hospital. Don't want my baby to see an ashy mama. That's why I'm packing Vaseline!

I started last night by going to Target and purchasing just a few items for my hospital bag:  deodorant, toothpaste, Vaseline (don’t want Lovenote’s first vision of me to be an ashy mama), bodywash and a plush pair of slippers.  It’s not much, but a start.

Need these comfy slippers for my hospital stay.

This weekend, Honeydew and I (well really just Honeydew) will unpack the bedside cradle and start getting our house in order.  This week, my doc said, it’s possible I could deliver early because of how I’m measuring.  Everyone at work jokes that I look like I could deliver TODAY!  (Jeez, am I that big?!).  I’ve promised, my baby will NOT be delivered in a TV newsroom.  I like my job and my coworkers – but not enough to allow them to be all up in my “business” when it’s time to push the baby out. Hey – I believe in producing the news, not making it.

If you have any more ideas for my hospital bag, let me know.  Each time I’ve delivered, I’ve always forgotten to bring something. 

Thanks for your help.

DeShong Perry-Smitherman

The Secondhand Pretty Preggie


About deshongperry

I'm a pregnant wife, mom of two, and an award-winning TV news producer. I love showing friends and family how to dress on a budget. This time I'm doing it from a second hand perspective. This blog gives Pretty Preggies the style tips they need to look fabulous and not fat.. beautiful and not bloated.. stunning and not stunted through out their last trimester of pregnancy. Follow my glow -- as I continue to grow - wearing threads that cost less than $10 an outfit!

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  1. Just a few things you may want to remember to include in your all-important hospital bag – Your IPod (or a few DVDs) with your favorite relaxing tunes during and after labor, a couple soft (nursing-friendly) gowns, nursing bra(s), 3 onesies for Baby just in case you want to see them in something other than the hospital blankie, Baby’s grooming kit (brush, comb, lotion), Baby’s “going home” outfit, a few of your favorite snacks for AFTER the labor. (Celebration food!), and of course the carseat.

    I commend you for getting your bag together early, as my husband and I found ourselves doing so after my water broke and we were on our way to the hospital. Not the ideal situation. The earlier, the better. 🙂

    • Thanks Tayisha! I especially need this list since I’ll be delivering early. I appreciate you taking the time to type this out for me. I will be using it!!!!!! Also, you cracked me up about shopping after your water broke. I feel like I’m on borrowed time and that mine could break any minute.

    • Tayisha! Love the idea of the celebration food. I need somebody to bring me deep dish Uno’s pizza from Chicago. Wonder if I can get a my family to do that! Can’t believe you were shopping after your water broke. Your butt should’ve been in the hospital!

  2. I am sending you a hospital checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.

  3. Tamberla Perry-Douglas

    Take a couple of wigs so you can have some cute post-birth looks….and some heels for when you go to the bathroom!


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