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Pretty Preggie’s Consignment/Resale Roundup

Pretty Preggie's Consignment Roundup - Take a look at shops I've reviewed so far! (Love this top and hat from Designer Outlet Fine Consignments. The top was less than $4!)

Just wanted to catch all my local readers up on the shops I’ve visited so far. I had no idea, when I started this journey, just how much central Indiana had to offer in the way of consignment and resale! I’ve reviewed 12 shops in about three months. But there are so many spots left to visit. Here’s my list from the first Pretty Preggie Spotlight to the most recent:

High-end designers an every Butterfly rack.

 Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Butterfly Consignment (Indianapolis)

Walk into Butterfly Consignment and the charm and class of this mid-size boutique will greet you at the door. 

Pea in the Pod top from the Maternity section at Carmel Consignment.

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Carmel Consignment (Carmel)

 Looking for a Hamilton County experience without the price tag?  Check out Carmel Consignment – and you might say bye-bye to your favorite boutique! 

Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman at Goodwill (Carmel West)

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Goodwill (Carmel)

There’s one secondhand store I brag about consistently!  In just about every photo I’m wearing something from the Goodwill in Carmel, Indiana.  Take a look at why this particular GW ranks amongst my all-time faves.

The Toggery Resale Boutique, 1810 Broad Ripple Ave. #4

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: The Toggery (Indianapolis)

It’s a funny name with an unexpected meaning.  Toggery, which sounds to me like a snobby British-nose-in-the-air phrase, simply means clothing store.  But you’ll find much more than clothes and accessories at this resale boutique.

Value World - Off 38th Street on the west side of Indianapolis.

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Value World (Indianapolis)

Value World boasts 40,000 square feet of space inside a strip mall near 38th and Georgetown Road.  On Sunday afternoons, this place is a  madhouse.  It’s not pretty. Not tidy.  And, can be downright overwhelming for the Virgin Secondhand Shopper (VSS). 

Selective Seconds sells both "Women" and "Junior" clothing.

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Selective Seconds (Greenwood)

Each rack is a constant reminder of this store’s respect for its customers’ time, style, wisdom and money.  Everything I picked up was stain-free, rip-free and fairly priced. Surely, there’s truth and pride behind the name Selective Seconds.

Boots from $30 - $150 at Designer Men's Room (brands include: Justin, Dan Post, Tony Llama, Nacona, Lucchese.

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Designer Men’s Room – Consignment for guys (Indianapolis)

Welcome to a Batcave for the man who hates the hassle of big box shopping, but loves having a diverse array of style choices at his fingertips.  Designer Men’s Room appeals directly to a man’s sensibilities from the time he steps over the threshold.

I love this sales girl! She has an eye for style and found me three fabulous fits and a purse for under $17 at In Vogue Consignment!

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: In Vogue Consignment Boutique (Carmel)

In Vogue Consignment is very easy to navigate if you know your price range.  From the front door, look to the right – for a mid-size section full of discounted clothing.  Look to the left for the newer items that aren’t yet on sale. And if you have designer taste, and you’re willing to splurge a bit – head straight toward the back left side of the store – where you’ll find enough high end suits, dresses, shoes and coats to make your wallet ask for CPR. 

Katie's Consign & Resale – the first consignment store on the west side!

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Katie’s Consign & Resale (Avon)

A welcomed retreat from loud Rockville Road. Check out the first consignment store in Avon.

Salvation Army Family Thrift Store & Donation Center

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Salvation Army Family Thrift Store & Donation Center (Indianapolis)

If there’s ever a shopping spot where I  leave needing a hot shower to get rid of the grime, it’s the Salvation Army.  No matter which location I travel to, I go home feeling the same:  baptized in the funk of crawlspace clothes, Frito feet and grandma’s attic.  But as I always say, there are several saving graces to any Sal’s:  No one will bother you, everyone is helpful, and if you are a true treasure hunter, you will leave with clothes, shoes, boots and even jewelry that costs pennies compared to normal retail, resale and consignment store prices.

Designer Outlet Owner Ellen T. Smith holds one of her eclectic feather-embellished hats. She's been in the consignment business for more than 25 years.

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Designer Outlet Fine Consignments (Indianapolis)

I knew there was something unique about this place, but I couldn’t quite put my swollen preggie finger on it right away.  As I waddled around Designer Outlet, I found myself wanting to touch and try on so many of its eclectic offerings. 

Off the Hanger Consignment (Greenwood). Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman and owner Beth Ripani.

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Off the Hanger Consignment (Greenwood)

Spacious and diverse.  Welcome to a one woman show that does it all.  Off the Hanger offers a smorgasbord of styles for men, women and juniors of all sizes!  There’s a wall filled with shoes, 4 racks for the big and beautiful, a tie rack, 3 men’s racks, 2 maternity racks, a long rack filled with higher end labels – plus jewelry, belts, hats, scarves and purses galore!  Whoa!  You will need a ton of time to explore this southside style depot.

Stay tuned for my Pretty Preggie Spotlight Best of Awards. Find out which consignment/resale stores were my best and worst picks.
Have a happy shopping weekend and enjoy your Halloween!
DeShong Perry-Smitherman, The Secondhand Pretty Preggie

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