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The test results I was not ready to hear

The test results I was not ready to hear: My doctor wants to induce my labor.

At this point in my pregnancy, each doctor’s visit is crucial. Besides peeing in a Dixie cup, stepping on a scale and getting my blood pressure checked, there’s a litany of other tests I’ll go through with each weekly visit. On Monday, I survived being molested by a Q-Tip – during a strep test. Those results come back next week. But it was what the doctor felt during a routine physical exam down there that has my head spinning with doubt and anxiety.

On the scale. Somehow I've lost a pound since last week.

While my tiny trooper’s measurements look just fine on the ultrasound, I’m already dilated two centimeters! For readers who haven’t gone through the birthing process, Pretty Preggies start pushing when their cervix is dilated 10 centimeters. Because I’m already moving in that direction – 22 days before my due date – my doctor is now suggesting I deliver early! She wants to induce my labor.

Delivery day 2010: My fly-by-night uterus is known for its fast deliveries. Last year's baby was delivered within 33 minutes of arriving at the hospital. We won't take that chance this year!

Her reasoning is twofold. Because I have a history of crazy fast deliveries (1 hour for #1 and 33 minutes for #2), she doesn’t want me caught in a situation where my fly-by-night uterus decides to spit the baby out at home, in my car, church or in the newsroom! Also, because I have gestational diabetes, there’s a danger of keeping the baby in the womb too long. Although Love Note is measuring about 6lbs, 7 ounces right now, I could end up having a 10 pound bundle-o-baby because of all the extra glucose in my bloodstream – and because babies gain the most weight during the last month. According to the Mayo Clinic, a big baby could become wedged in my canal, suffer birth injuries and require an emergency C-section! I don’t want that for me or the baby!

So, by next Monday, we will have to make my decision. It’s not really a choice about whether to deliver early. My Honeydew and I will do what’s right for the baby. It’s more of a pronouncement of when to do it. Doc says to look at dates a week before November 22.

Pretty Preggie and Honeydew awaiting results of the ultrasound. Our baby is already 6lbs, 7 ounces. Doc says it could be 8lbs by D-Day!

  It sounds like this Little One is already running our lives and it’s not even outside the womb. At least it will be a Scorpio like mama!

My tiny trooper wants to escape the womb earlier than scheduled!

I’m praying for a beautiful planned delivery.  If you’ve had one, please share your story.  I’ll desperately need the help.

DeShong Perry-Smitherman, The Secondhand Pretty Preggie


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  1. Scheduling an induction can be a good thing, especially if you are a planner. It can allow you to get things in order at work and home. It also helps those around you you who may be assisting you or will come out to see the baby. My doctor offered an induced labor for my third and I took it. My last baby was only one week early, but the planning made a world of difference!

    • Thanks Tracee, I guess this is God’s way of telling me to plan for the things you love. I’m so use to driving through life that I allow things to plan themselves. This is a unique opportunity for me to get it together.

  2. I was induced with Jr last year at this time. They had it all planned out from the time the stick turned blue. I was scheduled to be induced on Nov. 15 which was a Monday. So they stripped the membranes on like a Friday in order to stimulate natural labor hoping maybe he’d come a little early since I was soooo ready to have the baby and he was already well over 7.5 lbs. Labor pains did start all weekend but not so bad that baby was imminent. On Monday they had us come in but for some reason there were a rash of unplanned early deliveries, full moon I think. They stripped the membranes again for good measure and they sent us home. We came back early Tuesday morning in full on labor. They started the Pitocin and maybe 5 hours later and only about 5 minutes of “active pushing labor” Jr made his entrance into the world. Easy, breasy! Everything worked exactly as planned. It can happen so you’ll be fine!! 🙂

    • Thanks Pilar! They had to strip my membranes with my last pregnancy. I felt so violated. 🙂 Did the pitocin hurt? Did you have to stay in the bed the whole time after getting it? Also, I need to call you about Claire Huxtable. We’ll chat soon.

      • Pitocin didn’t hurt at all. Although, they gave me morphine to handle the contractions before I received the epidural so maybe that’s why I didn’t feel anything. Not to mention, if you’re in labor, all pain becomes very relative! 😀 Gotta tell you, the morphine didn’t do a thing for pain. They said it was just so I could relax during contractions. I have some hilarious footage of me trying to send a heartfelt message to the baby while out of my mind on morphine. Half of the time I sound like billie holiday trying to talk and the other half I’m doing the contraction moan. 😀

  3. Tamberla Perry-Douglas

    I aint got no stories!

  4. chestnuttgirl98

    I was induced with my first and second. The first was started with cytotec, and the second with cervidil. Both of my labors were long (36.5hrs for the first, and 26.5hrs for the second). I was induced with the first because I was 10 days overdue and the baby was getting bigger and bigger…she ended up being 8lbs 14oz. I was induced 3 days early with little brother to have a controlled delivery. With number one, the cytotec was placed and the waiting game started. I was hooked up to IV fluids and had routine blood work. 12 hours later my water broke. Then I had “bloody show” so they moved me to labor and delivery. I was hooked up to pitocen. No biggie at first, and with the first I didn’t know any better that pitocen contractions suck. I tried to tough it out with stadol for as long as I could. I reached a point where I couldn’t have anymore (or so they told me). They checked me and i was only 4, so i asked for the epidural man. Then I went through a period where my cervix started fluxuating. I went from 7 to 9 to 8 to 6 to 9. Weird, and no one knows why. After two hours of pushing, I had a brand new baby and a life threatening internal tear that no one saw. Immediately after you deliver, they start the pitocen up again to get the uterus to begin to clamp back down to its normal size. In my case, that helped to hide the tear. It wasn’t until my blood pressure was 65/37 and they pulled back the covers to reveal me laying in a pool of blood that they went looking for the issue. Headed to the OR to have my uterus removed to get the bleeding to stop, they were finally able to put in the last of 22 stitches, and the bleeding stopped. So, with little brother (a different doc) decided to take a much more slow approach. Cervidil was completely different. Same thing though, took forever for my water to break. After it was broken, they started the pitocen, and turned it up every half hour until it realy got the contractions regular. My cervix went a little crazy that time too. One minute I was at 7, and the next minute the nurse was freaking out having me sign c-section papers while she shaved my foof. The doctor checked me to make sure where i was at before he operated and he said it was time to push. In 15 minutes I had gone from 7-10, and even with an epidural THAT STINKIN’ HURT! Little brother managed to have a giant head, and it managed to get stuck, but the doc was extrememly patient. Lots of massaging, tugging, pulling, rubbing, and he was able to slip little brother’s head under my pubic bone. Pushing against a stuck head is one of the more exhausting things I have ever done in my life. The first push was productive, but as soon as I let up, little brother slipped back up…which made pushes 2 and 3 worthless. After 2 hours I’d had enough. But, he slipped right out. No bleeding, no tearing. I would caution you to figure out how your doc intends to do the induction, and if he/she mentions cytotec I would have a very serious conversation about alternatives.


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