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Picking the delivery date

Picking the right date. This picture was taken on D-Day 2010. My second child was supposed to be born three days later, but my uterus had other plans.

 I thought I had it all figured out.  When my doctor discovered I was already dilated, Monday, she told me I needed to pick a date to deliver our little Love Note earlier than the 22nd of November.  Since my birthday falls on November 18th, I figured, what greater gift could I get than having a baby?  We could celebrate our birthdays together each year.  We’d be able to forever share our fabulous story to anyone who’d listen.  We’d be twins – separated by exactly 37 years!  Two peas in a pod – mom and baby – always sharing cakes, always sharing parties, always sharing the story of our ironic twin births. 

Always sharing… Always.. ALL WAYS?  Thank goodness my friend Ericka Gibson threw up the red flag.

My adoring middle child on Halloween 2011.

She reminded me that I am a little selfish when it comes to my birthday.  Not that I throw huge parties or expect extravagant gifts… but that I love to own that day all by myself.  Not to mention the fact that Baby Love Note – if he/she is anything like me – might just be a little selfish too. 

My middle child and I at the doctor's office. I'm wearing a retro leather jacket from Value World (West Side Indianapolis location - I purchased it a few years ago for around $25)

Another brilliant point she made was that my middle child would feel left out each year if Love Note and I were always celebrating birthdays together.  Wow!  What an insightful observation into our future that makes so much sense. 

My middle daughter is already showing small signs of sibling envy.  If she sees daddy rub my belly too long, she’ll crawl into our arms to deflect the attention.  We are doing our best to show her that we’re here for her too. 

Our middle child was not a happy camper when the doctor tried to examine her ears.

On Tuesday, for example, we both took time off work to take her to the doctor for a double ear infection. 

Entertaining herself at the doctor's office! Finally got the paper she wanted.


My middle child. Determined to make a mess at the doctor's office.She gets a lot of attention right now.

Soon, she’ll have to share all that attention and we are fearful about how she’ll react.  Will she love the new baby, ignore it, or pressure us to treat her more like a newborn than a toddler?  OMG – will she want to breastfeed again?  I can’t deal with a set of 18-month-old teeth! 

We try to explain to her that she’s going to be the big sister – and can help mommy take care of the baby.  But how does that work, when she’s still just a baby herself?  I know in time, we’ll figure it all out. For now, though, I know for sure that November 18th is definitely off limits for the birth of Number 3! 

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  1. Smart decision, I think. I was born on my brother’s birthday and never felt like it was MY day. Plus, as parents we give up so much. Keep your date! How about 11-11-11? Who could have such a cool bday but love-note?:)

  2. Both of you will celebrate the same month that’s still cool just like I do born on the month of love and black history February the tenth for me and the 27 for Aki we celebrate a month for both our birthdays he gets more lol


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