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When God prepares you for change

9 1/2 months pregnant! My good friend, fellow producer Mike Wilhite poses in the background. Good times in the newsroom! (Long sleeve Motherhood top - $4, Old Navy maternity jeans $6 (both from Salvation Army), poncho - a gift from my great friend Tiff Zeno)

I’m back.  Something told me to take a day off from the Pretty Preggie blog last Friday, and I’m glad I did.  On Friday, I learned of some major changes that will soon affect my life  – and God must have known I needed the rest before hearing about them.  He kept me calm, smiling, positive and lifted!

Pretty Preggie and middle girl! She greeted me on the lawn outside work Friday. A welcome sight after a hectic day.

If you think I’m being a little vague about this, you’re right.  But any smart woman knows not to tell it all in an open forum.    

The final days of this pregnancy are no joke.  Little sleep.  Heavy stomach.  I’ve had stronger, more powerful Braxton Hicks (sporadic contractions) and pelvic pain with every step.  Today I go back to my OB to find out whether I’ve dilated anymore since last Monday. Though I feel like I’m about to burst wide open, I’m still not ready to go into that delivery room and push out a baby!  I know giving birth is supposed to be a beautiful experience, and I’ve done it twice already.  I’m just not ready for the pushing, the pain, the blood and the stitches that come afterward.  (That damned Eve.  Her sin in that garden makes the birth process so hard!)

Celebrating my upcoming baby and November birthdays! I love my friends Donna Schiele, Danielle Smith and Hyacinth Rucker! Tamakia Breland had lunch with us too - but had to leave earlier. Thanks ladies!

The blessing in all of this is that after the pushing, pain, blood, sweat, tears and stitches, we will leave the delivery room with someone to cherish.  Yes, he or she will probably look like the little black baby version of Winston Churchill, but we will believe our baby is gorgeous.

God is preparing us for this change in our lives and he is opening doors in so many ways.  His blessings come when you least expect them. They come in all sizes and through so many people. 

Pretty Preggie and with her diddy, Cifford Perry, Sr.! Both my parents are here helping us get our house in order for the new arrival.

From the boss whose advice changes how you navigate through life; to the people you work with each day who bring you so much joy; to the friends who celebrate your birth and your baby; to the parents who drive three hours to help you clean your house; to the little guy at Salvation Army who gives you a deal on a dresser drawer for your upcoming bundle of joy. 

My favorite guy at Salvation Army gave me a deal on this dresser! It fits right into our newborn's closet. Only $15!

Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman with her Alpha Kappa Alpha soror Hyacinth Rucker. Hyacinth planned our small luncheon. Love ya Pretty Girl!

God’s blessings are abundant, deliberate, and available – even when your life seems shaken off its solid foundation. 

Today I’m thanking Him for change.

DeShong Perry-Smitherman

The Secondhand Pretty Preggie


About deshongperry

I'm a pregnant wife, mom of two, and an award-winning TV news producer. I love showing friends and family how to dress on a budget. This time I'm doing it from a second hand perspective. This blog gives Pretty Preggies the style tips they need to look fabulous and not fat.. beautiful and not bloated.. stunning and not stunted through out their last trimester of pregnancy. Follow my glow -- as I continue to grow - wearing threads that cost less than $10 an outfit!

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  1. Aki looked like an alien no neck green red and white birthmarks on back side butt and thigh big apple head 8lbs 4.5 he’s still my little alien the neck appears now and he still has the chubby cheeks that prevented me from seeing his neck at birth it’s a beautiful thing bless you and your family get as much rest as you can


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