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Picking the delivery date

Picking the right date. This picture was taken on D-Day 2010. My second child was supposed to be born three days later, but my uterus had other plans.

 I thought I had it all figured out.  When my doctor discovered I was already dilated, Monday, she told me I needed to pick a date to deliver our little Love Note earlier than the 22nd of November.  Since my birthday falls on November 18th, I figured, what greater gift could I get than having a baby?  We could celebrate our birthdays together each year.  We’d be able to forever share our fabulous story to anyone who’d listen.  We’d be twins – separated by exactly 37 years!  Two peas in a pod – mom and baby – always sharing cakes, always sharing parties, always sharing the story of our ironic twin births. 

Always sharing… Always.. ALL WAYS?  Thank goodness my friend Ericka Gibson threw up the red flag.

My adoring middle child on Halloween 2011.

She reminded me that I am a little selfish when it comes to my birthday.  Not that I throw huge parties or expect extravagant gifts… but that I love to own that day all by myself.  Not to mention the fact that Baby Love Note – if he/she is anything like me – might just be a little selfish too. 

My middle child and I at the doctor's office. I'm wearing a retro leather jacket from Value World (West Side Indianapolis location - I purchased it a few years ago for around $25)

Another brilliant point she made was that my middle child would feel left out each year if Love Note and I were always celebrating birthdays together.  Wow!  What an insightful observation into our future that makes so much sense. 

My middle daughter is already showing small signs of sibling envy.  If she sees daddy rub my belly too long, she’ll crawl into our arms to deflect the attention.  We are doing our best to show her that we’re here for her too. 

Our middle child was not a happy camper when the doctor tried to examine her ears.

On Tuesday, for example, we both took time off work to take her to the doctor for a double ear infection. 

Entertaining herself at the doctor's office! Finally got the paper she wanted.


My middle child. Determined to make a mess at the doctor's office.She gets a lot of attention right now.

Soon, she’ll have to share all that attention and we are fearful about how she’ll react.  Will she love the new baby, ignore it, or pressure us to treat her more like a newborn than a toddler?  OMG – will she want to breastfeed again?  I can’t deal with a set of 18-month-old teeth! 

We try to explain to her that she’s going to be the big sister – and can help mommy take care of the baby.  But how does that work, when she’s still just a baby herself?  I know in time, we’ll figure it all out. For now, though, I know for sure that November 18th is definitely off limits for the birth of Number 3! 

DeShong Perry-Smitherman

The Secondhand Pretty Preggie


The test results I was not ready to hear

The test results I was not ready to hear: My doctor wants to induce my labor.

At this point in my pregnancy, each doctor’s visit is crucial. Besides peeing in a Dixie cup, stepping on a scale and getting my blood pressure checked, there’s a litany of other tests I’ll go through with each weekly visit. On Monday, I survived being molested by a Q-Tip – during a strep test. Those results come back next week. But it was what the doctor felt during a routine physical exam down there that has my head spinning with doubt and anxiety.

On the scale. Somehow I've lost a pound since last week.

While my tiny trooper’s measurements look just fine on the ultrasound, I’m already dilated two centimeters! For readers who haven’t gone through the birthing process, Pretty Preggies start pushing when their cervix is dilated 10 centimeters. Because I’m already moving in that direction – 22 days before my due date – my doctor is now suggesting I deliver early! She wants to induce my labor.

Delivery day 2010: My fly-by-night uterus is known for its fast deliveries. Last year's baby was delivered within 33 minutes of arriving at the hospital. We won't take that chance this year!

Her reasoning is twofold. Because I have a history of crazy fast deliveries (1 hour for #1 and 33 minutes for #2), she doesn’t want me caught in a situation where my fly-by-night uterus decides to spit the baby out at home, in my car, church or in the newsroom! Also, because I have gestational diabetes, there’s a danger of keeping the baby in the womb too long. Although Love Note is measuring about 6lbs, 7 ounces right now, I could end up having a 10 pound bundle-o-baby because of all the extra glucose in my bloodstream – and because babies gain the most weight during the last month. According to the Mayo Clinic, a big baby could become wedged in my canal, suffer birth injuries and require an emergency C-section! I don’t want that for me or the baby!

So, by next Monday, we will have to make my decision. It’s not really a choice about whether to deliver early. My Honeydew and I will do what’s right for the baby. It’s more of a pronouncement of when to do it. Doc says to look at dates a week before November 22.

Pretty Preggie and Honeydew awaiting results of the ultrasound. Our baby is already 6lbs, 7 ounces. Doc says it could be 8lbs by D-Day!

  It sounds like this Little One is already running our lives and it’s not even outside the womb. At least it will be a Scorpio like mama!

My tiny trooper wants to escape the womb earlier than scheduled!

I’m praying for a beautiful planned delivery.  If you’ve had one, please share your story.  I’ll desperately need the help.

DeShong Perry-Smitherman, The Secondhand Pretty Preggie

Help! I just realized I’m having a baby!

Everyone at work jokes that I look like I could deliver TODAY! (Jeez, am I that big?!). I’ve promised, my baby will NOT be delivered in a TV newsroom.

Too much to do.  So little time.  My little lovenote will be here in less than a month, and I admit… I am not ready.  The baby’s bassinet is still in our garage.  We have just one box of diapers in the nursery. 

Does that vertical stripe make me look skinny? (Got this Henri Bendel sweater dress from a Chicago-area Goodwill store. It was less than $8.)

Gotta get more Onezies and booties and bottles – and, it just hit me… I AM 36 WEEKS PREGNANT AND DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M HAVING!  What was I thinking?  As I type this entry, my tiny trooper is giving me several swift kicks to the uterus as if to say, ‘yeah Pretty Preggie – you need to get on it!’

Time to stop, reset and get it together. 

Just a few items I'll need at the hospital. Don't want my baby to see an ashy mama. That's why I'm packing Vaseline!

I started last night by going to Target and purchasing just a few items for my hospital bag:  deodorant, toothpaste, Vaseline (don’t want Lovenote’s first vision of me to be an ashy mama), bodywash and a plush pair of slippers.  It’s not much, but a start.

Need these comfy slippers for my hospital stay.

This weekend, Honeydew and I (well really just Honeydew) will unpack the bedside cradle and start getting our house in order.  This week, my doc said, it’s possible I could deliver early because of how I’m measuring.  Everyone at work jokes that I look like I could deliver TODAY!  (Jeez, am I that big?!).  I’ve promised, my baby will NOT be delivered in a TV newsroom.  I like my job and my coworkers – but not enough to allow them to be all up in my “business” when it’s time to push the baby out. Hey – I believe in producing the news, not making it.

If you have any more ideas for my hospital bag, let me know.  Each time I’ve delivered, I’ve always forgotten to bring something. 

Thanks for your help.

DeShong Perry-Smitherman

The Secondhand Pretty Preggie

My right one and my left one: The two things I’ll miss most about being pregnant


From Ohhhh Mama to Milk Machine: In a matter of weeks, I'll be saying goodbye to these wonderful, lively, perfect preggie boobies and hello to heavy, sore, tigobitties filled with food for a hungry newborn.


IABJ celebrity bartenders at our fundraiser mixer at Cosmo Knights. Pictured: Donna Schiele (Radio One), Amber Stearns (WIBC/Network Indiana), Jason Spells (WRTV 6), Voluptuous Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman (IABJ President and TV News producer), Kyla Williamson Woods (WRTV and Radio One), Deanna Dewberry (WISH).

As I enter the final stretch of what may surely be my last pregnancy, I think about the three things I’ll miss the most:  chivalry, eating for two and especially the twins that have miraculously grown upon my chest!  In a matter of weeks, I’ll be saying goodbye to these wonderful, lively, perfect preggie boobies and hello to heavy, sore, tigobitties filled with food and nutrients for a hungry newborn.  Whew!  The changes we go through to birth these babies! 

Secondhand Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman with Mark Bryant and Hyacinth Rucker. Hyacinth did a wonderful job organizing our fundraiser. I'm sorry my big belly is covering you up!

Last night, at an IABJ fundraiser mixer, I was reminded of just how much attention preggie breasts can get.  Not only did two guys engage in conversation with my chest instead of my eyes, but three of my girlfriends (all happily married and moms themselves) openly complimented the twins.  They used words and phrases like:  “nice, bouncy, perfect and I miss my preggie boobs!”  One of my friends even touched the right one!  LOL.  I guess she couldn’t believe the transformation!   Believe me, I can’t either.  But unfortunately, these perfect tatas will be short-lived.  After delivery, and a few months of nursing, I’ll be back to B-cup land. 

As the saying goes:  The Lord giveth and He taketh away.  I just hope the twins don’t look like ribbons by this time next year.  That’s what happens when you become a milk machine – and I can hardly wait!

Fresh Fettle's Danielle Smith, WRTV/Radio One's Kyla Williamson Woods and Goodwill Industries Kyna Willis. Beautiful ladies at last night's event.

IABJ PR/Marketing chair Kyna Lee Willis jammin' on the dance floor! Go 'head Pretty girl!

AM 1310's Afternoons with Amos host Amos Brown.

DeShong Perry-Smitherman
The Secondhand Pretty Preggie