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Secondhand quick tip: How dressing like a Hoochie Mama can save the day!

Not a Hoochie mama in this picture. But there have been several times I've taken home the title - when there's no dressing room available at my favorite thrift store. (BTW - this outfit was a gift to me from my dear friend Ericka. It's past the season to wear white, but I really wanted to show off this picture!)

One of the major inconveniences thrifty divas run into are the stores with no dressing room. It can be quite annoying to find a piece that looks like it’s perfect for you, but there’s nowhere to try it on! And – because most sales are final, if the “fit” doesn’t fit you’re pretty much stuck with it! Two of the worst culprits I’ve found are Value World and Salvation Army stores. Both lure you in with their low prices, but when you look around for a room to try out your find, you get a closed door with a tacky sign reading: DRESSING ROOM CLOSED. 

There are NO dressing rooms at Salvation Army stores. You'll want to wear clothing that allows you to try on outfits.

But, alas, my dears, there’s a way around it! You just have to know how to dress the part. Because I’m living a bit too large to show you (nearly 9 months preggers), I’ve drafted Codi – my oldest daughter – to demonstrate this age old style secret.

Step #1: Dress like a Hoochie Mama

Step #1 – Dress like a Hoochie Mama: Codi wears a pair of skin tight leggings. (Please note: I usually don’t approve of my child dressing like a Hoochie, but it’s okay for the purposes of the Pretty Preggie blog).

Step #2 - Find your fabulous fit!

Step #2 – Find your fabulous fit: Codi found a skirt she absolutely loved – a multi-colored Missoni (originally sold at Chicago’s Marshall Fields for $525, then marked down to $189, then marked down to $1 at the Carmel-West Goodwill).

Step #3 – Slip it on:Codi easily slipped the skirt over her Hoochie Mama leggings. 

Step #3: Slip it on!

It fit perfectly! The leggings are also great for slipping on pants or shorts when there’s no dressing room.

One other way of trying on clothes when no dressing room is available, is to find an inconspicuous corner of the store and have a friend hold a coat in front of you as you attempt your quick change. I warn, you may become a prime target for thrill-seeking gawkers – or earn the permanent Hoochie Mama label if a strong wind blows down that coat!

Be careful, save time, and don’t feel bad about being a Hoochie.  It’s fun and you’ll have a great excuse.

DeShong Perry-Smitherman, The Secondhand Pretty Preggie

*By the way, the Carmel West Goodwill has plenty of dressing rooms.