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Pretty Preggie’s Consignment/Resale Roundup

Pretty Preggie's Consignment Roundup - Take a look at shops I've reviewed so far! (Love this top and hat from Designer Outlet Fine Consignments. The top was less than $4!)

Just wanted to catch all my local readers up on the shops I’ve visited so far. I had no idea, when I started this journey, just how much central Indiana had to offer in the way of consignment and resale! I’ve reviewed 12 shops in about three months. But there are so many spots left to visit. Here’s my list from the first Pretty Preggie Spotlight to the most recent:

High-end designers an every Butterfly rack.

 Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Butterfly Consignment (Indianapolis)

Walk into Butterfly Consignment and the charm and class of this mid-size boutique will greet you at the door. 

Pea in the Pod top from the Maternity section at Carmel Consignment.

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Carmel Consignment (Carmel)

 Looking for a Hamilton County experience without the price tag?  Check out Carmel Consignment – and you might say bye-bye to your favorite boutique! 

Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman at Goodwill (Carmel West)

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Goodwill (Carmel)

There’s one secondhand store I brag about consistently!  In just about every photo I’m wearing something from the Goodwill in Carmel, Indiana.  Take a look at why this particular GW ranks amongst my all-time faves.

The Toggery Resale Boutique, 1810 Broad Ripple Ave. #4

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: The Toggery (Indianapolis)

It’s a funny name with an unexpected meaning.  Toggery, which sounds to me like a snobby British-nose-in-the-air phrase, simply means clothing store.  But you’ll find much more than clothes and accessories at this resale boutique.

Value World - Off 38th Street on the west side of Indianapolis.

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Value World (Indianapolis)

Value World boasts 40,000 square feet of space inside a strip mall near 38th and Georgetown Road.  On Sunday afternoons, this place is a  madhouse.  It’s not pretty. Not tidy.  And, can be downright overwhelming for the Virgin Secondhand Shopper (VSS). 

Selective Seconds sells both "Women" and "Junior" clothing.

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Selective Seconds (Greenwood)

Each rack is a constant reminder of this store’s respect for its customers’ time, style, wisdom and money.  Everything I picked up was stain-free, rip-free and fairly priced. Surely, there’s truth and pride behind the name Selective Seconds.

Boots from $30 - $150 at Designer Men's Room (brands include: Justin, Dan Post, Tony Llama, Nacona, Lucchese.

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Designer Men’s Room – Consignment for guys (Indianapolis)

Welcome to a Batcave for the man who hates the hassle of big box shopping, but loves having a diverse array of style choices at his fingertips.  Designer Men’s Room appeals directly to a man’s sensibilities from the time he steps over the threshold.

I love this sales girl! She has an eye for style and found me three fabulous fits and a purse for under $17 at In Vogue Consignment!

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: In Vogue Consignment Boutique (Carmel)

In Vogue Consignment is very easy to navigate if you know your price range.  From the front door, look to the right – for a mid-size section full of discounted clothing.  Look to the left for the newer items that aren’t yet on sale. And if you have designer taste, and you’re willing to splurge a bit – head straight toward the back left side of the store – where you’ll find enough high end suits, dresses, shoes and coats to make your wallet ask for CPR. 

Katie's Consign & Resale – the first consignment store on the west side!

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Katie’s Consign & Resale (Avon)

A welcomed retreat from loud Rockville Road. Check out the first consignment store in Avon.

Salvation Army Family Thrift Store & Donation Center

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Salvation Army Family Thrift Store & Donation Center (Indianapolis)

If there’s ever a shopping spot where I  leave needing a hot shower to get rid of the grime, it’s the Salvation Army.  No matter which location I travel to, I go home feeling the same:  baptized in the funk of crawlspace clothes, Frito feet and grandma’s attic.  But as I always say, there are several saving graces to any Sal’s:  No one will bother you, everyone is helpful, and if you are a true treasure hunter, you will leave with clothes, shoes, boots and even jewelry that costs pennies compared to normal retail, resale and consignment store prices.

Designer Outlet Owner Ellen T. Smith holds one of her eclectic feather-embellished hats. She's been in the consignment business for more than 25 years.

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Designer Outlet Fine Consignments (Indianapolis)

I knew there was something unique about this place, but I couldn’t quite put my swollen preggie finger on it right away.  As I waddled around Designer Outlet, I found myself wanting to touch and try on so many of its eclectic offerings. 

Off the Hanger Consignment (Greenwood). Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman and owner Beth Ripani.

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Off the Hanger Consignment (Greenwood)

Spacious and diverse.  Welcome to a one woman show that does it all.  Off the Hanger offers a smorgasbord of styles for men, women and juniors of all sizes!  There’s a wall filled with shoes, 4 racks for the big and beautiful, a tie rack, 3 men’s racks, 2 maternity racks, a long rack filled with higher end labels – plus jewelry, belts, hats, scarves and purses galore!  Whoa!  You will need a ton of time to explore this southside style depot.

Stay tuned for my Pretty Preggie Spotlight Best of Awards. Find out which consignment/resale stores were my best and worst picks.
Have a happy shopping weekend and enjoy your Halloween!
DeShong Perry-Smitherman, The Secondhand Pretty Preggie

Help! I just realized I’m having a baby!

Everyone at work jokes that I look like I could deliver TODAY! (Jeez, am I that big?!). I’ve promised, my baby will NOT be delivered in a TV newsroom.

Too much to do.  So little time.  My little lovenote will be here in less than a month, and I admit… I am not ready.  The baby’s bassinet is still in our garage.  We have just one box of diapers in the nursery. 

Does that vertical stripe make me look skinny? (Got this Henri Bendel sweater dress from a Chicago-area Goodwill store. It was less than $8.)

Gotta get more Onezies and booties and bottles – and, it just hit me… I AM 36 WEEKS PREGNANT AND DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M HAVING!  What was I thinking?  As I type this entry, my tiny trooper is giving me several swift kicks to the uterus as if to say, ‘yeah Pretty Preggie – you need to get on it!’

Time to stop, reset and get it together. 

Just a few items I'll need at the hospital. Don't want my baby to see an ashy mama. That's why I'm packing Vaseline!

I started last night by going to Target and purchasing just a few items for my hospital bag:  deodorant, toothpaste, Vaseline (don’t want Lovenote’s first vision of me to be an ashy mama), bodywash and a plush pair of slippers.  It’s not much, but a start.

Need these comfy slippers for my hospital stay.

This weekend, Honeydew and I (well really just Honeydew) will unpack the bedside cradle and start getting our house in order.  This week, my doc said, it’s possible I could deliver early because of how I’m measuring.  Everyone at work jokes that I look like I could deliver TODAY!  (Jeez, am I that big?!).  I’ve promised, my baby will NOT be delivered in a TV newsroom.  I like my job and my coworkers – but not enough to allow them to be all up in my “business” when it’s time to push the baby out. Hey – I believe in producing the news, not making it.

If you have any more ideas for my hospital bag, let me know.  Each time I’ve delivered, I’ve always forgotten to bring something. 

Thanks for your help.

DeShong Perry-Smitherman

The Secondhand Pretty Preggie

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Off the Hanger (Greenwood)


Off the Hanger Consignment (Greenwood). Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman and owner Beth Ripani.

Inspiring – not necessarily a word you’d hear describing a consignment store, but meet the 27-year-old who owns and runs Off the Hanger and you’ll understand what I mean.  But don’t let Beth Ripani’s age and fresh face fool you.  She’s one smart, experienced cookie!  Beth has 10 years in the consignment industry, including eight years under her belt as a consignment manager  – plus a degree in convention, tourism and hospitality management from IUPUI.  No wonder – she surely knows how to pile on the warmth as customers and clients walk through her doors.  For girls and women who dream of starting their own business, Beth is a beacon of hope and encouragement.  She works hard and cannot call in sick.  She is the sole employee for her business that opened in June 2011!  Take some time to visit her dream-come-true for a look at what it really takes to make your passion a reality.

Off the Hanger Consignment, 8944 South St. Peter Street, just north of Greenwood Park Mall.

Off the Hanger Consignment, 8944 South St. Peter Street (Greenwood)

Phone:  317-881-2900  Hours:  Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm, Saturday 10am – 6pm
Website:  Owner:  Beth Ripani,

Sights:  Spacious and diverse.  Welcome to a one woman show that does it all.  Off the Hanger offers a smorgasbord of styles for men, women and juniors of all sizes! 

Pretty Preggie's fabulous find: a beautiful floral print polyester dress by Motherhood Maternity. It was only $6!

There’s a wall filled with shoes, 4 racks for the big and beautiful, a tie rack, 3 men’s racks, 2 maternity racks, a long rack filled with higher end labels – plus jewelry, belts, hats, scarves and purses galore!  Whoa!  You will need a ton of time to explore this southside style depot.  But – you won’t need a ton of money.  Off the Hanger is not only organized, clean as a whistle and easy to navigate… it’s also extremely affordable for the fashionista (or fashionisto) on a budget.

Off the Hanger tie rack.

Off the Hanger Plus-size rack.

Sounds: Local radio station 107.9.  Beth likes this station, she says, because it plays everything.

Smells:  Clean and clear for allergy sufferers!  No Benadryl needed.

Sizes:  Plus (up to 4X for men and women), petites, maternity!  There’s even a rack full of scrubs!

Off the Hanger dresses.

Labels I spotted:  BCBG Max Azria, Dana Buchman, Ellen Tracy, Juicy Couture, DKNY jeans, Harve Benard, Misook, St. John, Theory, Bebe, Ralph Lauren, Tahari, Calvin Klein, Escada, Diane Von Furstenberg Laundry by Shelli Segal, Michael Kors, Louis Feraud, Giorgio Armani.  These are just a few from Off the Hanger’s Designer rack.

Two MATERNITY racks at Off the Hanger!

What’s in it for Pretty Preggies?  A REAL MATERNITY SECTION!!!!  It was truly wonderful to find two full maternity racks!  Every since I’ve done this blog, I’ve searched for consignment shops that house a maternity section.  This is the second one I’ve found!  I found several items that fit, but settled on a beautiful floral print polyester dress by Motherhood Maternity.  It was only $6!  I also purchased a non preggie sweater dress ($4),

African mudcloth bag. Just $2.50 at Off the Hanger. In the clearance box!

African mudcloth print bag ($2.50), and a striped Polo shirt for my Honeydew ($4).

Price range:  $ – $$ Very affordable!  Boots – $10 – $40.  Shoes $8 – $12.  Dress pants $10 – $12.  Suits $30 – $40.  These are average prices – depending on brands. 

Wow! 75% off on Off the Hanger's sales rack!

Prices can be reduced as low as 75% off.  Beth plans to add another clearance rack with prices ranging from $1 to $5 – once she’s been open long enough.

Consigning with Off the Hanger:  2 bag limit.  Items don’t have to be on hangers.  Customer earns 40% of final selling price.  Items are accepted Monday – Friday only between 11am – 7pm.

Costume jewelry at Off the Hanger.

Also sold here:  Hats, jewelry, shoes, belts, scarves, ties, purses, sunglasses, jewelry, small houseware items.

What makes Off the Hanger so special:  (1) They accept men’s and junior clothing, (2)  They are open longer hours to accommodate customers with busy schedules, (3) They offer consignment or cash options for items – and appointments are not required.

Enjoy!  You’ll love it here!

DeShong Perry-Smitherman, The Secondhand Pretty Preggie


The girl who would change my life

20 years ago, God gave me a miracle and I didn't even know it. Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman and Codi Symone's dad - moments after her birth.

Twenty years ago this month, God blessed me with a  miracle, and I didn’t even know it.  I was a selfish 16- year-old in my senior year of high school when I gave birth to Codi Symone.  Back then, researchers concluded that the reason most girls got pregnant as teens was the quest to have someone or something to call their own.  I was not that girl.   I was class president, captain of our cheerleading squad, a track team sprinter, and the worst possible power forward ever positioned on a basketball team.  Yet, even with my busy schedule, practices and responsibilities, I still made time to bow down to peer pressure and do the thing everyonewas talking about with a boy who knew how to charm the you-know-what’s off my you-know-what.  

1992. Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman with Codi Symone.

If someone were to ask me 20 years ago whether those five minutes (yes 5) were worth the trouble and pain and sacrifice of becoming a teen mother, my answer would have been a quick and nippy ‘’HELL NO.”  But, 20 years later, as I look at the first great gift God gave me I realize that without her there would be no me – at least not the DeShong I am today. 

So today – I’m honoring my firstborn with a list of the things I love about her.  A friend of mine does this every year for her daughters birthdays – and I’m borrowing from her tradition.

Codi decides to plank while we're at the pool. She's both fun and funny.

You are funny and  fun! Whether it’s singing in the car, planking at the swimming pool or playing with the grocery cart at Meijer, I love the fun times we have.  I hope I don’t embarrass you too much.
You are generous.  You don’t make a whole lot of money at the pet store, but when you do, you’re always willing to shell out a few dollars for a meal.  I also love it when you take your time to mentor young girls through A Girl’s Gift Inc.  They look up to you and you have tried hard to set a good example.  You’ve had a few bumps along the way, but you try.
You are smart and nobody’s doormat.

I was in college in this picture. Codi was around three years old. She was always so happy to see me when I came home each night from class.

I know I always get on you about your mean streak.  But a good friend of mine suggested that it’s not always a bad thing.  I love the fact that you are smart and have enough respect for yourself to not allow men or women to walk all over you.  Keep it up.  It will help you in the career world too.  You just need to learn the art of being “nice-nasty.”  My good friend could write the book!
You are learning how to cook! 
Thank God for the crockpot.  Enough said.  
You take such great care of your baby sister.
It always amazes me how #2 reacts to seeing her big sister.  She gets so excited when you come into the room.  She smiles, kicks her little legs and screams: Hi TT (her nickname for you).  She loves you so much because you were her caregiver when I had to go back to work.  You’ve also given so much time and love to her now that you are back home in college.  She appreciates it.  I appreciate it. 

Codi, #2, and Secondhand Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman in downtown Indianapolis.

You take such great care of me.
You take off my shoes at the end of the day and rub my back when I’m tired.  You even pick out my clothes for me and make sure my Secondhand Pretty Preggie pictures are as tight as can be.  You will wake up in the middle of the night to do the layout for my blog when I’m just took sleepy to look at a computer.  You are my number one fan and cheerleader!  

Codi was Tina Turner in the Cardinal Ritter High School talent show. I believe she was in 7th grade in this picture.

You are a trendsetter.  And you’re making money because of it!  I love your vision for style and the drive you have for your business Witty Knits by Codi.  Whether it’s a poncho, scarf, hat or feathered necklace or earrings, you amaze me with your imagination and passion for fashion.

Witty Knits by Codi hat and scarf - croched by Codi earlier this month.

You know what I need even when I have no idea.
My keys.  My wallet.  My iPad.  My cell phone.  You are on it!  Always finding the things I need to help me get out of the house on time. 

Codi Symone. Smart, beautiful, God-fearing, creative, funny, fun and fabulous.

You are beautiful inside and out.
Don’t wait for someone else to tell you this.  Continue to believe it for yourself. 
You are growing in your relationship with God. 
I see it and I am proud of you.  Last week you wanted to sit alone at church, you said, to have a few quiet moments with God.  I’m glad you see His power and love.  It will continue to guide you through your life’s journey.  I’m so glad He blessed me with your presence in my life.  You were a tiny miracle 20 years ago – and I didn’t realize it then.  Don’t know what I’d do without you. 

Happy Birthday Codi!  Mommy loves you so much.  Now, make me something with your new sewing machine!

DeShong Perry-Smitherman
The Secondhand Pretty Preggie

My right one and my left one: The two things I’ll miss most about being pregnant


From Ohhhh Mama to Milk Machine: In a matter of weeks, I'll be saying goodbye to these wonderful, lively, perfect preggie boobies and hello to heavy, sore, tigobitties filled with food for a hungry newborn.


IABJ celebrity bartenders at our fundraiser mixer at Cosmo Knights. Pictured: Donna Schiele (Radio One), Amber Stearns (WIBC/Network Indiana), Jason Spells (WRTV 6), Voluptuous Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman (IABJ President and TV News producer), Kyla Williamson Woods (WRTV and Radio One), Deanna Dewberry (WISH).

As I enter the final stretch of what may surely be my last pregnancy, I think about the three things I’ll miss the most:  chivalry, eating for two and especially the twins that have miraculously grown upon my chest!  In a matter of weeks, I’ll be saying goodbye to these wonderful, lively, perfect preggie boobies and hello to heavy, sore, tigobitties filled with food and nutrients for a hungry newborn.  Whew!  The changes we go through to birth these babies! 

Secondhand Pretty Preggie DeShong Perry-Smitherman with Mark Bryant and Hyacinth Rucker. Hyacinth did a wonderful job organizing our fundraiser. I'm sorry my big belly is covering you up!

Last night, at an IABJ fundraiser mixer, I was reminded of just how much attention preggie breasts can get.  Not only did two guys engage in conversation with my chest instead of my eyes, but three of my girlfriends (all happily married and moms themselves) openly complimented the twins.  They used words and phrases like:  “nice, bouncy, perfect and I miss my preggie boobs!”  One of my friends even touched the right one!  LOL.  I guess she couldn’t believe the transformation!   Believe me, I can’t either.  But unfortunately, these perfect tatas will be short-lived.  After delivery, and a few months of nursing, I’ll be back to B-cup land. 

As the saying goes:  The Lord giveth and He taketh away.  I just hope the twins don’t look like ribbons by this time next year.  That’s what happens when you become a milk machine – and I can hardly wait!

Fresh Fettle's Danielle Smith, WRTV/Radio One's Kyla Williamson Woods and Goodwill Industries Kyna Willis. Beautiful ladies at last night's event.

IABJ PR/Marketing chair Kyna Lee Willis jammin' on the dance floor! Go 'head Pretty girl!

AM 1310's Afternoons with Amos host Amos Brown.

DeShong Perry-Smitherman
The Secondhand Pretty Preggie

Secondhand quick tip: How dressing like a Hoochie Mama can save the day!

Not a Hoochie mama in this picture. But there have been several times I've taken home the title - when there's no dressing room available at my favorite thrift store. (BTW - this outfit was a gift to me from my dear friend Ericka. It's past the season to wear white, but I really wanted to show off this picture!)

One of the major inconveniences thrifty divas run into are the stores with no dressing room. It can be quite annoying to find a piece that looks like it’s perfect for you, but there’s nowhere to try it on! And – because most sales are final, if the “fit” doesn’t fit you’re pretty much stuck with it! Two of the worst culprits I’ve found are Value World and Salvation Army stores. Both lure you in with their low prices, but when you look around for a room to try out your find, you get a closed door with a tacky sign reading: DRESSING ROOM CLOSED. 

There are NO dressing rooms at Salvation Army stores. You'll want to wear clothing that allows you to try on outfits.

But, alas, my dears, there’s a way around it! You just have to know how to dress the part. Because I’m living a bit too large to show you (nearly 9 months preggers), I’ve drafted Codi – my oldest daughter – to demonstrate this age old style secret.

Step #1: Dress like a Hoochie Mama

Step #1 – Dress like a Hoochie Mama: Codi wears a pair of skin tight leggings. (Please note: I usually don’t approve of my child dressing like a Hoochie, but it’s okay for the purposes of the Pretty Preggie blog).

Step #2 - Find your fabulous fit!

Step #2 – Find your fabulous fit: Codi found a skirt she absolutely loved – a multi-colored Missoni (originally sold at Chicago’s Marshall Fields for $525, then marked down to $189, then marked down to $1 at the Carmel-West Goodwill).

Step #3 – Slip it on:Codi easily slipped the skirt over her Hoochie Mama leggings. 

Step #3: Slip it on!

It fit perfectly! The leggings are also great for slipping on pants or shorts when there’s no dressing room.

One other way of trying on clothes when no dressing room is available, is to find an inconspicuous corner of the store and have a friend hold a coat in front of you as you attempt your quick change. I warn, you may become a prime target for thrill-seeking gawkers – or earn the permanent Hoochie Mama label if a strong wind blows down that coat!

Be careful, save time, and don’t feel bad about being a Hoochie.  It’s fun and you’ll have a great excuse.

DeShong Perry-Smitherman, The Secondhand Pretty Preggie

*By the way, the Carmel West Goodwill has plenty of dressing rooms. 

Pretty Preggie Spotlight: Designer Outlet Fine Consignments (Indianapolis)

I love this dress! It was less than $3.50 at Designer Outlet Fine Consignments (Indianapolis).

Designer Outlet Fine Consignments
1349 West 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN  46260
Hours:  Monday – Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4
Owner:  Ellen T. Smith
Sights: I knew there was something unique about this place, but I couldn’t quite put my swollen preggie finger on it right away.  As I waddled around Designer Outlet, I found myself wanting to touch and try on so many of its eclectic offerings. 

1960s vintage hat embellished with scarlet feathers. $14!

From the 1960s helmet style vintage hat embellished with scarlet feathers, to a 1980s Escada multi-colored sweater, to a rich, black velvet cape adorned with bold white, rhinestones. 

Black velvet cape adorned with bold white, rhinestones. I was too big to try it on.

The only problem?  I couldn’t fit any of my favorite finds because of the size of my big head and diameter of my nearly-9 month preggie belly.  Nonetheless, I found this quaint, mid-size boutique a refreshing, one-of-a-kind for Indy for three reasons:  (1) The owner accepts both up-to-date and rare, gently used vintage pieces, (2) she consigns fur coats and jackets at affordable prices, and (3) several of her consigners ship in their clothing from cities like New York, Los Angeles and Denver. 

Several of Designer Outlet's consigners ship in their clothing from cities like New York, Los Angeles and Denver.

The third fact is what would keep me coming back – the possibility that I could be the only woman in central Indiana rocking a fashionable fit mailed here from a distant place.  Isn’t it the reason so many of us spend much of our lives shopping for splendid clothing – the hope that our rare selection will be the  crowned jewel of the room?  Well, Designer Outlet Fine Consignments gives you that chance.. a chance at show-stopping glory!
Sounds:  Local radio stations that play anything but rap. Hallelujah!  My ears can’t take the new stuff anyway!
Sizes:  Petite to plus.

Owner Ellen T. Smith holds one of her eclectic feather-embellished hats. She's been in the consignment business for more than 25 years.

Labels:  Ann Taylor, Ann Klein, Banana Republic, BCBG, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Coach, Dana Buchman, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Ellen Tracy, Escada, Free People, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, J. Crew, Jil Sander, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, St. John, Tahari – and more.
What’s in it for Pretty Preggies:  No maternity rack, but many high-end trendy, high end and vintage dresses and tops that would fit over a preggie belly. I purchased a DKNY top, Ann Taylor Loft top, Tahari top and a dress (designer’s tag cut out) for under $13 – all from the sales rack in the back of the store. 
Price range: $ – $$$  From bargain basement  on the sales rack to shelling out a pretty penny on the high-end designer and fur racks.  Clothing is usually priced at 20% to 30% of the original retail pric, depending on condition.  Make sure to pay close attention to the date on your tag.  It determines the discount on your selection.  Most consignment stores I’ve visit use the colored tag system.

The hat that got away. Didn't want to break my over $10 rule!

Consigning with Designer Outlet:  Consignment period is 90 days.  The price of your items will be reduced by 20% off the original price after 30 days, 40% after 60 days, and 60% after 90 days.  Additional markdowns for seasonal and special event sales. 

Sheared mink/reversible $2,798.00


Persian lamb/mink reversible $2,099

Extras:  (1)  Fur coats galore – various lengths and types – more than I’ve seen at any local consignment store  (2)  They offer pick up service for clients with large quantities of clothing  or special needs (3) Layaway available with 50% down. 
Suggestion for Designer Outlet:  Create a website and Facebook page.  Potential clients and customers would love to see your offerings on their phones and computer screens.
What makes this place special:  The funny, fun and feisty sales manager who won’t allow me to publish her name!  My favorite quote from her on why she’ll never wear vintage clothes:  “Young people can wear vintage and look cool.  Old people can wear it and look old — that’s why I refuse to do vintage.” 
Hope you enjoy this spot as much as I did!
DeShong Perry -Smitherman
The Secondhand Pretty Preggie